Iota Theta

Georgia Institute of Technology

Recruitment Information

A letter from our Recruitment Chair:
Dear Potential New Members,
With formal recruitment coming up in the fall, we are so excited to be welcoming the new Pledge Class of 2018 into our sisterhood. You all have already made the life altering decision to continue your education here at Georgia Tech and we can’t wait to help you make the memories and the friendships that will last far longer than these next four years.
Here at Zeta Tau Alpha we have so much to offer, not only to the Georgia Tech community but also to each other. Starting with the New Member Program all the way to the Senior Spotlight that each sister will receive upon graduation, we continue to uplift our sisters and help them grow as women.
Between our endless philanthropy events, leadership opportunities, social events and all of our academic support, there is always something happening here at Zeta Tau Alpha Iota Theta and we can’t wait for the awesome new group of girls that will be joining in the fun come Fall 2018!
Can’t wait to meet you!  Please send all RECs to:


Zeta Tau Alpha 
189 5th Street 
Atlanta, GA 30313

Attn: Mary Frances Skibiel or Attn: Recruitment Chair